Officina Meccanica Ravera – Cherasco


O.M.R. was established in 1980 as a turning and milling workshop for conventional machine-tools. Today it is a successful company in precision mechanics, capable of machining for third parties in various production fields.
Thanks to a corporate philosophy aimed at continuous quality improvement, O.M.R. has also been designing and building its own products since 1997.

The company’s primary goal has always been to satisfy the specific customer requirements. This objective has been steadily reached through effective strategies and corporate policies that put quality to the fore in all its possible declinations: from staff technologies and organization through to the end services rendered. All of these characteristics have contributed to the company’s achievement of the UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 certification, issued by certifying body DNW.

O.M.R. is a mechanical company with a staff of 100, with premises on an area of 20,000 m² of which 8,500 m² is covered. It is subdivided into 7,000 m² for mechanical machining and installation and 1500 m² for storing and dispatching the finished items. O.M.R. is organically structured and equipped to cater for any mechanical request in general, and has:

  • offices with trained, qualified personnel, caring for the customer needs;
  • a mechanical workshop with vast spaces, subdivided into rigorously organized departments, with section heads who constantly coordinate the activities;
  • a receipt and shipping store, equipped with efficient vehicles;
  • trained and competent operators; modern and technologically advanced equipment;
  • a large yard, easily accessible by TIR trucks, which are loaded and unloaded by the factory’s 12–tonne capacity fork trucks.

Therefore, O.M.R. is thoroughly suited to catering for an increasingly complex, demanding and evolving market.